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Temulawak is popular as an herbal plant that is effective in addressing many health issues. However, this plant is also found in skincare products to help tackle skin problems. You've probably heard of temulawak skincare products, such as a cream from Malaysia. Claims suggest that this product can help address acne problems, whiten the skin, and promote overall skin health.

Temulawak, known by its Latin name Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb (Zingiberaceae), is a medicinal plant that grows extensively in the Southeast Asian region. Temulawak is primarily used as a spice and for medicinal purposes. However, in Indonesia, this herbal plant has also become one of the traditional treatment choices for acne.

Not only is it imported from Malaysia, but Indonesian beauty manufacturers also produce similar products. To uncover the truth behind their claims, you need to examine the composition of these temulawak skincare products.
The Benefits of Temulawak in Skincare
If you look at its content, here are the general benefits of temulawak in skincare:

1. As an anti-acne remedy
In an international journal authored by researchers from the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), temulawak is found to have benefits for skin health. In the study, researchers examined the flowering part of this spice plant, dried it, and extracted its essential oils.
The results showed that the essential oil from temulawak flowers has the ability to inhibit the growth of P. acnes bacteria, the cause of inflammation in acne-prone skin. This oil is even more effective in inhibiting acne bacteria, up to 50% better than tetracycline antibiotics, which are commonly used for acne treatment.

2. Temulawak skincare as a skin-whitening cream
Still citing the same journal, researchers also mentioned that temulawak has the potential to whiten the skin. Both its extracts and essential oils can inhibit the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme, which is responsible for the formation of melanin that can darken the skin.

3. Protecting the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays
UV exposure can have negative effects on the skin, causing dullness, dark spots on the face, and even skin cancer. Studies suggest that the antioxidant properties of temulawak can protect the skin from various harmful effects of UV rays.

4. Soothing swollen skin
The anti-inflammatory properties of temulawak can help alleviate various skin conditions associated with inflammation, such as eczema. This benefit, in general, can reduce swelling or inflammation in various forms.

5. Anti-aging
Temulawak also falls into the category of topical antioxidants that have the potential to make the skin look younger. This is because this herbal plant can protect the skin from premature aging caused by external factors.

For example, excessive sun exposure, smoking, pollution, and others.

Those were some of the benefits of temulawak in skincare that you can obtain. Also, read 9 Benefits of Temulawak for Body Health that Need to Be Known.

Although the benefits of temulawak skincare are diverse, you still need to be cautious due to the proliferation of products on the market. Many products mix these ingredients with chemicals that are not good for the skin.

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